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FINDE philosophy

To ride is to FINDE

Fin de Semana. Week over, weekend is here, time to get outside. 
Riding is about finding. Finding your personal limit and finding out how far you can go. Finding an empty road, a hill, a mountain or a track. It’s finding yourself, and finding friends. 

Our products reflect our belief that spending more time outside riding (or surfing, running, climbing...) is the best thing you can for your life. To stop, breathe and live in the moment. Our products are designed for a life outdoors and have been specifically created and crafted in Melbourne with a cyclists needs in mind.
Cycling has it’s roots in pain and suffering. FINDE is focussed on preparing, protecting and repairing the skin and body from the elements. Be it the sun in summer or the cold and rain in winter, our products will support a rider to ensure the elements are not what hurt. And to help if they do.
As designers in a previous life, it is our intention to design products that don't hide in the cupboard. Have them out, let them roll around in the car but most importantly, use them.
We are not out to make you ride harder or faster. Only cycling can do that. Happy, healthy, safe skin is our thing. And if your skin doesn’t thank you now, it will in the years to come.