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The FINDE team

FIDNE was founded out of a love of being outside and staying there for a really long time.

Tony Prysten

If you want to know what Tony is doing, just look outside. If it's early he will be riding, off shore, there is a good chance he is surfing and when the wind is up it's all about windsurfing. With a background in design and marketing, FINDE is a chance for Tony to bring what he does and loves doing together.

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Annie Mollison

Affectionately known as 'The peoples champ' Annie was literally born into cycling through her dad 'Bad Barry' who was a very competitive racer in Tasmania through the 60's. She's the St Kilda Cycling Club Crit champ for her age group and only knows one speed. You can often find her blasting down beach road, just don't try pass her.

Annie on Insta