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Of course we love what we make but here are some independent, unpaid words from others (okay, maybe we gave some product to them).

Broadsheet Christmas Gift Guide 2018 - November 2018

(as translated by Google Translate from Dutch so kinda a bit weird)

Finde also thought about what happens after a ride. They have issued an aftersun. It feels more technical than the sun cream. A kind of gel. Listening to the well-meaning name Aloe Jelly . Blissfully refreshing that in any case.

Beautiful products in a spacious package. You may be able to live with it for a whole summer. Healthy skin and protection of the body is the position that Finde occupies. And that is a wonderful goal. Use the products especially. Your skin will thank you. Is it not now, or in the years to come. 

La Velocita - May 2018

"Would I recommend Finde. Absolutely, in fact it become my go sunscreen when I'm heading out anywhere to keep the nasty sun off my face.

Finde serves us with its Aloe Gel. The cooling feeling is awesome after a big day and is quickly soaked up by your skin leaving it to repair and not feel like an old paper bag the next day.

Finde's Aloe Jelly will set you back $20, an absolute winner if you ask me....

There's not much more to say or see here. This is a good product, made in Melbourne by good people. It will save your skin, and possibly your life one day."