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Melbourne Made

We are very proudly owned and made in Melbourne, Australia. In fact our sunscreen and after sun lotion are crafted not far from base of the 1 in 20 so there is always an excuse to get down and check out production (and go for a sneaky ride) 

Being locally made, we have full visibility on the ingredients and production facilities and have a complete view on the end to end process from production to testing, distribution and sales. Having some of the harshest standards for sunscreens in the world right here in Australia, it was very important to us that we did not import a product of this nature as the quality of our products and the safety of our customers is our highest priority. 

And we just believe in the importance of being a local producer in this day and age.

Our tubes, and labels are manufactured and printed locally and are recyclable. Unfortunately, our bottles and musettes, which are used for packaging kits are sourced from OS. With the bottles, we had no choice. The musettes come from the same facility that make a number of other reputable cycling brand musettes. We wanted to create packaging that could be re-used and would love to make these locally, however it was just not viable at this start-up stage. We will let you know when this changes!